Some images from my latest project;

‘A Year by the Sea’

A woven exploration of the seen landscape

Bright and Dark

Transparency and Density

Heavy and Light

The project was conceived out of a desire to represent the world around and to use its textures and contrasts to inspire weave.

How do you represent the transparent light of sky?

How do you convey the density of ww2 architecture?

Can I the constant movement of the sea and wind?

How can I use weave to answer these questions?

This project will give me the opportunity to explore weave patterns more fully, it is my intention to use sustainable and ethical as far as possible.

The outcomes will be a series of woven pieces suitable for use in interiors. These thoughtful, considered and artisanal weaves will be the unique pieces that will form the beginnings of a small online and market-based business. This business will run concurrently with a part time MA in fine arts for two years before being properly launched in 2023.